Content Management

Rational Content

GraySail has deep expertise in the design and implementation of web content management systems.  We have successfully completed dozens of content management projects for clients as diverse as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CMEGroup) and the Arabian Horse Association.

We are the most experienced and active OpenCms service provider in North America, but also provide expert services associated with Adobe Experience Manager and a number of other CMS platforms.


Our content management services include

  • Implementation
  • Content migration
  • Automatic creation of content from external data sources (such as news feeds)
  • Template development
  • Dynamic application/plugin development
  • Administrator, developer, and user training

Project Rescues

GraySail is very experienced in helping to rescue web content management projects that are in crisis.  We can work quickly to fix technical problems, train developers in best practices, or provide expert advice.




The Bookworm, Carl Spitzweg (German), 1850, oil on canvas.  Originally trained as a pharmacist, Spitzweg was a self-taught artist who began painting while recovering from a lengthy illness when he was a young man.  He is best-known for his humorous paintings that depict sharply characterized eccentrics.