Cloud Architecture

Cloud expertise

Cloud server infrastructure is increasingly common today.  But ensuring that your cloud services are well chosen and configured properly for your application environment is critical, especially for systems that need to scale while delivering performance.

GraySail engineers know their way around the cloud, and know how to engineer security and reliability into your data lifecycle and key web applications.

Engineered API

 GraySail unlocks the power of the cloud by developing Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that separate web or mobile applications from data provisioning services in an efficient and re-usable way that lets your application back-end scale with ease. We also leverage existing 3rd party APIs and web services to bring more value to your project with less infrastructure.




The Mill, Rembrandt van Rijn (Dutch), ~1645, oil on canvas.  Nineteenth-century connoisseurs considered this painting to be one of the master’s greatest creations, due to its deft use of light and silhouette and its dark and foreboding palette, until the aging and discolored varnish was removed during a restoration and the bright beauty of the blue sky was revealed. Although it is possible that Rembrandt based this scene on his father’s mill on the ramparts of Leiden, he imaginatively conceived the scene to symbolically portray the mill as a guardian, protecting the land and its people.